Happy Customers

Happy customers comes from great cars/great deals and happy deals comes from us!

Turkey Time!

I'm at the car lot...and it's snowing, watching two huge turkeys pull up to the lot and pretty soon they're trying to eat our flags off the cars...lol!! Don't know if that it is good luck or what, too funny! So new deal, "Get a free turkey with each car purchase..and surprise its alive!"

Their back!

The turkey's are back; the same two! I had to take all the flags off the cars...lol I think we have official mascots for the dealership. Help me name them??

Happy Customers at Sturgis Motor Company

You're great Rebecca, thanks so much for the best picture!

The all of all deals!

Thanks Josh, this is great!! We need you around more..lol

I Love Happy Customers

Thanks so much for the business Ryan and Chaz, very much appreciated and will be returned. Need construction services, see WORKS Construction in Rapid City, 391-0543.


Thanks Rich, LIKE NEW is all that needs to be said...lol!


This picture is worth a million bucks!!!! I LOVE IT. Little 18 months old Brailey is completely out from the two hours at the dealership and her 4 year old brother Driftin is so hyped up from playing with my dad!! Thanks Matt and Amy for a great picture. What an awesome family; I admire you both!!

First Kiss

Lee and Lynn's first kiss with their new Subaru!

Pat and friend Kevin

These two are too fun; I'm moving to Mobridge!

Two weeks of rain!

If this rain continues, I think we're going to be selling boats soon!

The Makousky's

I really love "super-families" and the Makousky's are definitely one!!

Meet Mrs. Goodwin's New Acadia!

Lorene Goodwin Presents...HER SHARP ACADIA!!!

Good Friends

Thanks Carol!

Mr. and Mrs. Bride

Many laughs with the Bride's!

New friends from Lodgepole

Today I learned where Lodgepole, SD is!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO FIND LODGEPOLE!


Meet the Lowe's...got to meet the Lowe's. A SUPER FAMILY from Sturgis.


I LOVE my picture from the Lowe Kids...thanks Scarlett, Warren, Madeleine, Max, and Courtney!!

The Phillips Family!

Another super family from Sturgis!

Kaden and Kylee Phillips

Renee loving her Jeep!

Laura loving her VW!

Laura and her daughter with their new sexy Touareg!!

Thanks Brandy!

Happy customers come from Sturgis Motor Company!

New Friends

My new friends from Illinois! Check out their amazing work on the Shooters Images website, awesome motorcycle photography!

Thanks so much Jamie!

I love listening to my new friend Jamie Knapp, live on Power 107.1 KSLT during the afternoon drive!

Another cool family---the Andrews from Red Owl!

Thanks Kevin!

New friend from Sturgis!

The Haynes Family

Look at my cool picture from Jaida, Talan, and Terik Haynes! Another super family from Philip, SD!!!

The Carper Family

A super family all the way from Fairfield, MT. Merv and Sarah Carper with Reegan, Ryder, Brodie, and Emersyn!! Lot's of fun!!

Thanks Red!

New friend from Faith, SD!

Jay Que Vrooman

Check out my picture from Jay Que of the Vrooman family from Douglas, WY!


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The Sprague Family!

Look at these beautiful girls! Addisyn is 5, Megyn is 3, and little Brynlee is 1; another super family from Sturgis!

Addisyn and Megyn Sprague

So cute and so much fun!!

The Morovits Family!

Look at this SUPER FAMILY from Deadwood! Little Maci is one and a half years old and she has a new baby brother on the way! Thank you Josh and Larissa so much!

The Treloar Family!

Another super family from Sturgis! The Treloar's, little Auburn is four years old and her brother Eban is one! Such a great looking family! Thanks Kyle and Julie, I admire you guys!

Fun with Tammy and Ty Lorenz!

The Hauk Family!


Hauk Kids!

Little Lainie Bug and her brother Sam!

The Grout Family!

Another SUPER FAMILY from Spearfish!

The Franz Family!

Another super family from Sturgis!

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